Mad Men Season 4 Cast Photo Revealed

Here it is…

Mad Men season 4 four cast photo

Mad Men Season 4 Cast Photo

So let’s get into it, shall we? Raising monocle to eye, I observe the following…

  • No Sal. Still trolling for leather-vested tail in Central Park?
  • No Paul Kinsey. How much you want to bet he’ll pop up on his acoustic in a Greenwich Village coffee house?
  • Ken Cosgrove is here, despite not being invited to join Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce at end of Season 3. Is he still Ken? Cosgrove? From Accounts?
  • All the men’s haircuts are longer, which suggests…what year? (what am I, a hair historian?)
  • Photo is taken in a draped studio — no attempt to put them on location. Damn you, calculated network obfuscation!
  • Peggy is looking tres stylish. Good for her!
  • Betty has a rock on her finger — care of Henry Francis?
  • Pete is sitting down. Hammertoe?
  • Harry’s jacket is buttoned. Hiding more weight gain, Mr. Television Department? (in his defense, he gets paid to watch TV, unlike (cough) certain bloggers I know quite well)
  • There’s more airbrushing on Jon Hamm’s face than on a Betty White centerfold. The AMC art department may want to consider toning it down a bit. Maybe go grab Sal from Central Park and give him a crash course in Photoshop?

And that’s all I got. But I’ll know the facts sooner than you because I’m “industry.” Not that I’m better than you, per say, just…cooler? Because there’s nothing nerdy about a grown man being absolutely giddy in anticipation of a television show.

And I’ll have premiere event coverage next week. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. In fact, smoke at least two packs a day because it’s actually good for you. That’s what Lee Garner Jr. told me and he seems like a really solid, trustworthy guy. Christ, he’s married, so there’s definitely nothing to hide with that cowboy.


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