Mad Men Countdown Week: Lois — actress Crista Flanagan — poses for Playboy?

As I prep to cover the red carpet tonight at the Mad Men Season Four Premiere in Hollywood, I can’t help but notice the explosion of Mad Men-related stories in the news and on the interwebs…funny how that happens…and here’s the latest.

Sterling Cooper’s daffy switchboard operator Lois…in Playboy?

Did you hear about Lois getting her tie caught in the copier?

Our favorite John Deere Tractor foot-mangler is back as one of Hef’s bunnies.

Crista Flanagan will appear in a 60s-inspired photoshoot in the pages of Playboy (they still print the magazine?) and I have to say that in real life she’s unrecognizable from her character on the show. You be the judge…

What a great testament to Crista that she can completely disappear into the role of Lois such that she’s unrecognizable.

And what an amazing testament to the editors of Playboy that they looked at this and saw Sexy!

More cake, anyone?


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