Mad Men’s Robert Morse wants to get chicks like Don Draper!

"I don't know"

Robert Morse was first down the red carpet at the Mad Men Season 4 premiere and it’s a good thing he wasn’t setting the fashion bar because he was rocking a green and brown flannel shirt that I highly doubt was a) approved by the Mad Men wardrobe department or b) recently cleaned.

Morse is definitely of the “I’m too old for this shit” variety of Hollywood professional. Hey, he’s earned it. (In his defense, he was sick with bronchitis so I’m grateful that he even made it to the event.)

He’s a funny guy — I wish I’d had more time with him. I know this short clip plays choppy, but I did my best, people (The word “salvage” comes to mind).

It’s hard to hear at the beginning, but he’s talking about his frustration that Bert Cooper never gets to snag a chick like “that son of a bitch” Don Draper. That would be a pretty fun side plot, huh? Bert takes a young mistress, almost dies in bed with her. She steals his Rothko. The possibilities are endless. Can I replace Kater Gordon on the writing staff now?


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One response to “Mad Men’s Robert Morse wants to get chicks like Don Draper!

  1. Robert Morse is just plain adorable. Love him in Mad Men! I hope they feature him more in the next season. Bert Cooper can’t quit! We talked with him recently at the ACE Eddie Awards and found out he’s a huge Clint Eastwood fan! Watch our Robert Morse interview here! Thanks!

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