It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia set visit Season 7

The FX Network was kind enough to bring a group of us online journalists to the Twentieth Century Fox lot to observe the shooting of the comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and to interview the cast. When I first walked on the soundstage, I immediately was struck with the thought, “So THIS is why TV shows cost so much,” because there were so many crew members, equipment, lights, scaffolds and general buzzing around that it’s apparent that even though the style of the show may be gritty, this is no low-budget indie film shooting in someone’s apartment. After watching many takes on the monitors of a funny scene (that I can only say involves a funeral) the crew took a break so we were able to tour the set.

Here I am serving myself a pint behind the bar in Paddy’s Pub…

The Paddy’s Pub set has some amazing detail. Here’s the front door that opens out to the streets of Philly, which is just a large photo flat. In person, it looks fake, but, as you can see, on film it looks great:

Pull back a bit and you’ll see this gem of a sign…

Just like you’d see in a real dive bar owned by psychopaths!

I can’t tell you any specifics about this episode nor can I show any pics of Rob McElhenney, who plays Mac and who gained fifty pounds for this season, but I can tell you that the premise of the episode and the motivation behind Mac’s weight gain are both hilarious. And after interviewing the cast in their production offices on the lot, I am confident that Season 7 is going to be great.

Here’s a few more pics so you can see how much detail the set designers have put into this location…

Dee’s apartment set…

Me on the bed that’s served one hundred unhappy customers…

A discovery of some cheeky cartoon art behind one of the flats…

Coming soon: my video interview with the cast, talking about the new season, Mac’s weight gain, Frank’s “Pretty Woman” moment, the Jackass guys and much more.

Special thanks to Kristy Silvernail at FX and all of the talented crew and cast members who were very kind to us (and to Charlie Day for letting me sit in his chair during a take).

The new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres in September 2011 – no air date as of press time.

Kitten Mittenz!

Telematic Dan

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