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Fellow Mad Maniacs unite!

I would like to raise a Lucky Strike to a few top-notch sites I’ve recently found:

Basket of Kisses. The Lipp Sisters (you know, the Lipp Sisters?) edit a site named after Peggy Olsen’s first bit of copywriting and dedicated to all things Mad Men. They even have a picture of them with creator Matthew Weiner, which means they just went up two notches on the Mad Men cool meter.  Not quite “Telematic Dan” cool (like hob-nobbing with the stars on the red carpet cool) but then, who or what is these days? Anyway, check ’em out and their regular coverage of the show and especially their insightful articles about the period.

Mad Men Unbuttoned. This site is not just another blog, but a magazine-quality site that promotes what looks to be a fantastic book by Natasha Vargas-Cooper and also acts as her weekly forum about the cultural ephemera and social issues associated with each episode. It’s well-researched and consistent.

If you have a Mad Men site and you’d like to swap links, hit me up at dan at actfourscreenplays dot com.




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Mad Men insane Times Square premiere

Here’s a video from covering the insanely huge Times Square premiere of Season Four of Mad Men. January Jones and Elisabeth Moss talk about the show and the thousands of people who showed up in period costume.

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Mad Men Episode 401 pre-review: Don Draper Holsters his Guns and Shoots Blanks

Who is Don Draper?

It’s almost here!  The countdown will end in approximately 6 hours for the East Coast and 9 for us on the West Coast (don’t know about you folks in Canada and overseas).

I’ve seen the episode and I’m dying to discuss it…but I’ll be a good little blogger and wait to post my review.

The title of this post will be the title of my review…but it won’t have any significance until the last thirty seconds of the episode so NO SPOILERS thus far.

To hold you over, here’s some of my interviews from the Mad Men Season 4 Premiere red carpet in Hollywood. I still need to edit and upload Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer and Joel Murray so stay tuned…

Aaron Staton thinks Ken Cosgrove would be in jail if he were alive today…

Christina Hendricks doesn’t remember her first TV show she did with January Jones…

Robert Morse wants to bag chicks like Don Draper…

Kiernan Shipka. is 10 1/2 going on 30…

Jared Harris blesses me…

I hope the wait was worth it for you Mad Maniacs and I’ll see you here when the episode is over!


Nerd Alert!

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Mad Men’s Robert Morse wants to get chicks like Don Draper!

"I don't know"

Robert Morse was first down the red carpet at the Mad Men Season 4 premiere and it’s a good thing he wasn’t setting the fashion bar because he was rocking a green and brown flannel shirt that I highly doubt was a) approved by the Mad Men wardrobe department or b) recently cleaned.

Morse is definitely of the “I’m too old for this shit” variety of Hollywood professional. Hey, he’s earned it. (In his defense, he was sick with bronchitis so I’m grateful that he even made it to the event.) Continue reading

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Mad Men’s Jared Harris (Lane Pryce) interviewed at Mad Men Season 4 Premiere

Jared Harris is a veteran actor of stage and screen.

Jared Harris is a versatile actor.

Jared Harris is the only Brit in the Mad Men cast.

Jared Harris loves me.

Here’s why…


*Camera by Nicole Schlosser

*Special thanks to Viviana and Ruben from radar.

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Mad Men’s Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) talks about blogging and tweeting with fans (VIDEO)

I got a quick few questions in to Rich Sommer (Mad Men’s Harry Crane) as he finished up his red carpet walk at the Mad Men Season 4 premiere in Hollywood, California.

I had just been following his blog the week before ( Warning: It’s on Tumblr.) so I wanted to ask him about his online activity…

He can’t be the only Mad Men cast member with a blog, right? I’m sure they all have Twitter accounts; I mean, God forbid an actor go ten minutes without tweeting about the temperature of their machiatto. Am I right or am I right? [sound of trombone dying of leprosy]

Oh, yeah, um, Rich has one, too, but his is the best!

Rich, if you’re reading this, I also wanted to ask you about the origin of Harry’s fear of being fired. You’ve said “Oh, God” in reference to the possibility of layoffs more than once and I find it hilarious. Please comment below or add it to the Q&A on your blog if you can and keep up the good work. Thanks!



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Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men interviewed at Mad Men Season 4 Premiere in Hollywood

Lil' Cutie, huh?

I interviewed delightful cherub and child actor Kiernan Shipka on the red carpet at the Mad Men Season Four premiere event in Hollywood, California on July 20, 2010.

Let’s be clear. Kiernan is not only a fantastic actor but this video proves she is more mature and well-spoken than most adults I know. I couldn’t help but recall that Dakota Fanning sketch that Amy Poehler used to do on SNL (“I’m not familiar.”).

And I can’t look at her picture and not feel sad that she has to take so much abuse from her awful mother Betty Draper. But then after a couple seconds I remember that Mad Men is, in fact, not real and I feel much, much better.

Let’s move on. Take it away, Kiernan…

Don’t you feel sorry for her that she has to put up with jerks like me who try to get story details out of a defenseless child? She totally held her ground and rocked that rebuttal speech that the Network Gestapo (as they’re known here in the ‘Wood) coached her on. I wonder if they threatened to take away her Barbies if she told.

Just kidding. They threatened to take away her SAG award.


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