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Fellow Mad Maniacs unite!

I would like to raise a Lucky Strike to a few top-notch sites I’ve recently found:

Basket of Kisses. The Lipp Sisters (you know, the Lipp Sisters?) edit a site named after Peggy Olsen’s first bit of copywriting and dedicated to all things Mad Men. They even have a picture of them with creator Matthew Weiner, which means they just went up two notches on the Mad Men cool meter.  Not quite “Telematic Dan” cool (like hob-nobbing with the stars on the red carpet cool) but then, who or what is these days? Anyway, check ’em out and their regular coverage of the show and especially their insightful articles about the period.

Mad Men Unbuttoned. This site is not just another blog, but a magazine-quality site that promotes what looks to be a fantastic book by Natasha Vargas-Cooper and also acts as her weekly forum about the cultural ephemera and social issues associated with each episode. It’s well-researched and consistent.

If you have a Mad Men site and you’d like to swap links, hit me up at dan at actfourscreenplays dot com.




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