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Christina Hendricks of Mad Men interviewed on red carpet of Mad Men Season 4 Premiere in Hollywood

"I have no idea."

I only had ONE QUESTION to ask the vivacious Christina Hendricks as she was two steps away from entering the screening room for the Mad Men Season 4 Premiere.

I was particularly aware that I only had one question because the publicist barked “Only one question, only ONE!” in my ear four times after asking me three times “Who are you with, again?”

What doesn’t she understand about the name TELEMATIC DAN?! That moniker is not on the level of ACCESS HOLLYWOOD yet? I guess I’ll never truly understand this town.

Anyway, my point is this: I had four questions prepared for Christina and when pressed to make a last-second choice of one, I thought it would be funny to ask her about her very first credit on imdb, which was (apparently) a cheesy something called Sorority that also featured January Jones in the cast.

Surely Christina would get a huge kick out of recalling Sorority and launch into a hilarious story of her first time ever on a set, right? Well…not quite, as you’ll see.

Bang-up job thinking it was a movie, not a TV show, and trying to correct her, Dan.

Next time I’ll ask her how it was to star in Full House as Alyssa Milano.


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*Camera by the amazing Nicole Schlosser

*Thanks to Viviana and Ruben from radar for the first part of the interview.


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Christina Hendricks: A Letter to Men – Joan from Mad Men breaks it down for the guys

So we should order scotch, say the word “panties” a lot and always smell good and we’ll snag a woman like Christina Hendricks, got it, guys?

Christina Hendricks, sexy, red, Mad Men, Joan Holloway Harris

But we should ALSO not use Facebook and not wear tank tops? Obviously, she hasn’t seen the majestic beauty of my Farmville property nor the gun show I’ve got attached to my shoulders.

Here’s her complete missive…

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