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Mad Men’s Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) talks about blogging and tweeting with fans (VIDEO)

I got a quick few questions in to Rich Sommer (Mad Men’s Harry Crane) as he finished up his red carpet walk at the Mad Men Season 4 premiere in Hollywood, California.

I had just been following his blog the week before (http://RichSommer.com Warning: It’s on Tumblr.) so I wanted to ask him about his online activity…

He can’t be the only Mad Men cast member with a blog, right? I’m sure they all have Twitter accounts; I mean, God forbid an actor go ten minutes without tweeting about the temperature of their machiatto. Am I right or am I right? [sound of trombone dying of leprosy]

Oh, yeah, um, Rich has one, too, but his is the best!  http://twitter.com/richsommer

Rich, if you’re reading this, I also wanted to ask you about the origin of Harry’s fear of being fired. You’ve said “Oh, God” in reference to the possibility of layoffs more than once and I find it hilarious. Please comment below or add it to the Q&A on your blog if you can and keep up the good work. Thanks!



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Mad Men: The Art of Seduction (VIDEO)

Ah, sexism. No one does it better than Mad Men.

This is a fantastic montage, cut by K. Ryan Jones and posted online by cast member Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) . [Sommer’s Twitter]

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